About Us


Our Philosophy

The Bristol brand is defined by its dual commitment to authenticity and value.  Authenticity: Our watches are conceived, designed, sold and supported by pilots for pilots (and enthusiasts!).  No matter how many millions the big competitors spend on slick advertising, they can't make this claim.  We have put the aviator in aviator watches.  And while other brands may refer to iconic aircraft in their ads, we include actual artifacts from these iconic aircraft in our watches.  Every watch has an airframe artifact displayed in the case back.  Our watches tell far more than time.  They tell the story of the remarkable men, women, and machines of aviation history.  Value: Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get in return.  A tremendous amount of research and development work preceded our first limited edition watch models.  Pilots demand accurate and reliable instruments.  So we use precise chronograph movements hand assembled in Switzerland. Our cases are carefully crafted from aerospace grade stainless steel.  Scratch resistant Sapphire crystals, premium bands, and epic packaging are standard.  You could pay 5 to 20 times more for the competitions watches.  But why would you?

Our Founder

Bristol was founded by Greg Youngs, a pilot for over 35 years.  Taught to fly in high school by his father, a combat-decorated Air Force pilot, he has gone on to fly professionally in aircraft ranging from crop dusters to corporate aircraft to airliners and has piloted more than 50 aircraft types (and counting).  His immediate family includes pilots for the Air Force, Navy, Army, and airlines, as well as a NASA Space Shuttle Commander.  What another company might refer to as a board of aviation experts, the Bristol founder just calls the dinner table.  His deep experience and passion for aviation have resulted in a uniquely authentic line of Aviator Watches we know you will enjoy.